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  1. Hello, The Gifted TV Show and Almost Paradise links aren’t working any chance of fixing them please.

  2. This site is easy to use and to download. However, they’re some tv shows that are not downloading, we don’t know why but please fix, and also if you guys can reduce the number of aids that pops up, sometimes it becomes very difficult to use the site because those aids redirects us to another sites whenever we try to remove them. The site is good and easy to use, great job. Keep it up.

  3. Hi! Is there any way you can fix the links for Stitchers, Orphan Black 2013, The Messengers, True Lies and NCIS: New Orleans please they don’t work.

  4. Are you gonna finish updating Season 14 of NCIS Los Angeles? Also There are no links for the tv show Arrow.

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