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Squid Game Season 2 Release Window Revealed

Squid Game season 2 has received a new release update. Season 1 of the Korean Netflix series became an instant hit when released in 2021, and quickly emerged as one of the streamer’s most popular shows. This success led to a season 2 renewal and even inspired a Netflix reality series, Squid Game: The Challenge. It is a series that made a significant impact on popular culture while also being critically acclaimed and providing powerful social commentary.

According to Variety, Netflix released a letter to shareholders that announced their slate of upcoming series in 2024, highlighting a robust calendar despite setbacks from the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. Squid Game season 2 is among the new Netflix shows scheduled to release in 2024, along with Bridgerton season 3 and The Diplomat season 2. A specific date in 2024 has not been revealed yet for Squid Game season 2.

What To Expect From Squid Game Season 2

Several returning and new cast members for Squid Game season 2 have been confirmed. Lee Jung-jae will reprise his role as the protagonist, Seong Gi-hun, as will Lee Byung-hun as Hwang In-ho, better known as the Front Man, the masked individual who oversees the Games. Wi Ha-joon also returns as Hwang Jun-ho, a police officer who infiltrated the Games to learn what happened to his brother, who was revealed to be the Front Man. Jun-ho was shot and fell off a cliff, but his confirmed return for season 2 hints that he may have survived.

The final confirmed returning cast member is Gong Yoo, playing the mysterious individual who recruited Gi-hun and countless other participants for the Games. Twelve new cast members have also been announced, although none of their characters have been revealed yet. While Netflix has kept story details under wraps, the returning cast and the Squid Game season 1 ending indicate where season 2 is headed. Instead of boarding his plane, Gi-hun turned around, determined to end the brutal and inhumane Games, and to take down the corrupt and ruthless individuals behind them.

The Games’ creator may be dead, but the Front Man and the recruiter are still out there, as are the wealthy individuals involved from around the globe, and Gi-hun will surely do everything in his power to defeat them, most likely as a new series of Games commences. The return of Jun-ho also teases another confrontation with the Front Man, and can explore how the latter came to oversee the Games. A Gi-hun and Jun-ho team up also seems likely, though more will be revealed as Squid Game season 2’s release draws closer.