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Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live Final Trailer Teases Explosive Rick & Michonne Reunion

The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live has released its final trailer, teasing what’s to come in the approaching spinoff series. Taking place after the events of The Walking Dead, the new show features Michonne on a mission to rescue Rick Grimes, who has been held captive by the CRM for close to a decade. In the meantime, Rick is trying to escape and get back home to Virginia.

Now, The Walking Dead has released a final trailer ahead of The Ones Who Live‘s release, revealing more about the upcoming spinoff.

The trailer show Rick living in the CRM community as Michonne travels with a group that is seemingly being hunted by the militant force. It also offers a first look at Jadis’ return to the franchise, alongside explosive and gory action sequences.

What The Ones Who Live Final Trailer Says About The Show

The Ones Who Live is going to be a six-episode series, reworking the concept of a Rick movie trilogy that was announced in 2018. The limited series is set to bring him and Michonne back to the franchise as they try and get back home. While featuring the main duo, it will also expand on the CRM, a militarized survival group that has made mysterious appearances throughout the show.

The new trailer indicates that, despite being held captive by the group for years, the franchise’s main hero is still trying to escape. However, it also indicates he is trapped under the rule of Major General Beale, a new antagonist that wants to keep him from getting back home. Even though she is still on the trail in search of Rick, it seems Michonne, too, is going to be in danger from the massive, organized group.

Jadis also returns, having last appeared in The Walking Dead: World Beyond season 2, now a high-ranking member of the CRM. Her involvement in the story is likely to be engaging as well, though it’s unclear if she will be an antagonist or a helping hand for Rick and Michonne. With more information yet plenty of mystery still left to uncover, The Ones Who Live is shaping up to be the most exciting new entry in the zombie universe.